Mann Furniture and Appliance is located in Woodville, TX.  Come by and see how we can help you make your space feel more like home!

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  1. Mr. Mann, this is Brian Smith; my wife and I just purchased a small freezer and an electric fireplace media center. We also discussed a small built in dishwasher and you referred us to Robert Carl. Will you please contact Whirlpool in reference to their “Compact Tall Tub Dishwasher” which I believe is their item # WDF518SAAW? In the dimensions section the minimum height is shown as 32-1/2″, the height is shown as 35″ and the maximum height is shown as 35″. This is confusing to both Mr. Carl and myself. We are looking at this one, initially, as the width is only 17-1/2″ and our width dimension is critical (per Robert’s measurements and discussion Friday afternoon). Thank you, sir. Brian & Deborah Smith, 713-899-4980,

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